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Michigan Super Drunk Law

Aggressive Farmington Hills Super Drunk Law Defense Attorney

In 2010, the state of Michigan enacted a "Super Drunk" law, technically known as High Blood Alcohol Content Enhanced Penalty. The law increases penalties for drivers who are convicted of a DUI/OWI with a high BAC (blood alcohol concentration). The new legislation allows a first-time DUI offender, or an offender who hasn’t been charged within 7 years, to be charged with maximum penalties if they are caught driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .17% or higher. If the driver has had a multiple DUI convictions within the last 7 years, they will most likely face even harsher penalties.

If you were charged with DUI in Farmington Hills and your BAC level was .17% or higher, you’re subject to serious consequences. There is only one way to reduce or dismiss the harsh charges you face—by seeking the legal representation of a skilled and experienced attorney. I, Attorney Daniel Hajji, represent people throughout Farmington Hills who face serious DUI/OWI charges under the Super Drunk law. For nearly two decades, I have helped clients navigate the hardest moments of their life. I know the harsh repercussions that come with DUI/OWI charges. That is why I am dedicated to helping you overcome this moment and secure your future.

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What Are the Penalties of a Super Drunk DUI Conviction in Michigan?

If an officer stops you for suspicion of DUI and your blood or breath test shows your BAC is .17% or higher, you will face almost double the penalties of a regular DUI. These penalties put your freedom, your career, and your reputation at risk. Many people who fail to seek legal advice lose their financial security and worse. Secure your future by having an experienced Farmington Hills Super Drunk defense attorney on your side.

The penalties of a Super Drunk DUI in Michigan are as follows:

  • Jail for a maximum of 180 days
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Interlock control device installation required in car(s)
  • Mandatory alcohol treatment for one year
  • Up to 360 hours of community service
  • 6 points on driving record
  • Fines up to $700 plus court costs
  • Driver Responsibility Fees for $2,000

The “Super Drunk Law” states that motorists who wish to retain their driving privileges after 45 days may do so only if an ignition interlock device is installed on their vehicle.

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Being charged with DUI in Michigan is no laughing matter. At my firm, I have been helping clients through drunk driving charges for nearly two decades. As an experienced Super Drunk law defense attorney in Farmington Hills, I can bring an aggressive defense to the table, whether you are forced to settle your DUI case in court or at an SOS hearing. I fight for my clients like family, and I am dedicated to obtaining the best possible results for their case. Call my office today to learn more about the effects of the Super Drunk law in Michigan.

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