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Frequently Asked Criminal Defense Questions

I have been charged with a serious crime and the accusations are false. What should I do?

False accusations are not uncommon, but simply saying you are innocent is not enough. As you have already been charged, this indicates that the state prosecutor or city attorney believes there is enough evidence to convict you. You must act immediately and contact an Oakland County criminal defense attorney to defend your case. There are innocent individuals serving time in state prison right now because they didn't get a strong defense attorney. Who you choose for representation can make or break your case, affecting your life forever.

Will I go to jail?

Many serious crimes have extensive prison sentences as part of the penalty. Some have mandatory jail time. If my firm reviews the evidence against you, I can determine the best course of action and immediately get to work weakening the state's case and strengthening your own. Getting powerful legal representation from my firm could help you avoid conviction or seek alternative sentencing, reduced charges, or another improved outcome.

Should I take a plea deal?

Whatever you do, never take a plea deal unless you've spoken with your attorney. Here's the truth: prosecutors rely on scare tactics to force defendants into a corner. In many cases, defendants feel like their only option is to plead guilty, regardless of whether or not it's true. Because most defendants don't have the training or experience to know a weak case when they see one, it's easy for the prosecution to convince defendants that their best option is a deal. That's why having an attorney is so vital early in the process: your attorney can tell you when a plea deal is in your favor and when it's a scare tactic. Even if you end up taking a deal eventually, the deal you'll get with a lawyer in the room is far better than any deal you'd get alone.

Isn't a defense lawyer expensive?

Many defense attorneys charge huge fees for their services. Because I'm a lean firm with few costs, I can offer my services in many cases at a flat rate, avoiding the hourly charges you would face with most law offices. This assists our clients and allows them to get high-quality legal representation with straightforward costs. My affordable fees are just one part of my client approach.

Some large law firms treat you like "just another number." You may rarely meet or hear from the attorney, although you will be charged their hourly rate for every action. That is not my philosophy or my firm's way of doing business. It's my professional duty to make sure you're informed, that you know what you're paying for, and that you have direct access to me if you have a question. That's what sets my firm apart from other defense lawyers.

What can your firm help me with?

Our law firm assists clients in any of the following types of legal matters related to criminal cases:

Contact me today if you have been arrested and charged with a crime or are under investigation for any criminal offense, either state or federal. I help clients throughout Michigan, including those in Farmington Hills, Bloomfield, Troy, Southfield, Rochester Hills, Pontiac, Royal Oak, Novi, and all surrounding areas.

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  • Daniel D. Hajji Daniel D. Hajji
    Since 2002, I've been protecting the rights of those facing criminal charges in Farmington Hills and surrounding areas. Every person deserves to have their rights protected and their freedom defended, no matter how serious their charges are. I treat every case with the same urgency and provide the time and resources clients need for a chance at success. When you call me, you'll receive help from an attorney who will not hesitate to try every option available while fighting for your future. I've done this for nearly the last two decades, and I will continue to do it for all clients.
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