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Case Results

  • Felonies Dismissed
    Felony Firearm & Felony Discharge of Weapon

    Client was charged with Felony Firearm and Felony Discharge of Weapon and facing minimum 2 years in prison for the felony firearm charge alone. After several court appearances and filings of motions and legal briefs, the assistant Chief Prosecutor offered to plea bargain the case. Dismissal of the felonies in exchange for a plea to a misdemeanor just days before the jury trial.

  • Reduced to Reckless Driving

    Client was in the medical field and could not afford to have a drunk driving on her record. After several court appearances. motions and ready for trial, Client was offered a reduced charge of reckless driving and the original charge of drunk driving was dismissed.

  • Reduced to OWVI First Offense with No Jail
    OWI Second Offense

    Client was charged with a second OWI that carries up to 1 year in jail. Plea bargained case to a first, with no jail and preventing Client from losing his license for 1 year.

  • Both Cases Dismissed
    Probation Violation & Assault Battery Felony Charge

    Client was on probation for a felony dui (third offense) and 2 years later while on probation, he was charged along with 3 other individuals for assault and battery in the Farmington Hills District Court. Client was not the aggressor and only used self defense against the alleged victim. The case in Farmington Hills was dismissed on the date and time set for trial and the probation violation that could have landed him in prison, was also dismissed as result of the outcome in the Farmington Hills Court.

  • Reduced to Civil Infraction
    Marijuana Charges

    Client was charged with possession of marijuana. Client did not have a medical marijuana card, nor was he over 21, to legally possess it. Case was plea bargained to a civil infraction