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Felonious Assault Defending Your Rights, Empowering Your Future

Farmington Hills Felonious Assault Lawyers

Representing People Accused of Felonious Assault Throughout Oakland County, MI

Felonious assault is when a person assaults another person with a gun, revolver, pistol, knife, or other dangerous weapons without the intent to commit murder or inflicting harm without murdering them. As a felony, a felonious assault charge makes you subject to serious penalties like higher fines, longer periods for incarceration, and more collateral consequences. With the help of an experienced and skilled attorney, you will have the ability to defend your rights and increase the chances of obtaining the best possible outcome for your case.

I, Attorney Daniel D. Hajji, am dedicated to helping those accused of felonious assaults throughout Michigan by guiding them through every step of the criminal process. With more than two decades of experience, I have the knowledge and skills needed to help you through this. I counsel clients beginning with their first phone call, investigating their charges to develop a strong defense strategy. I know the serious penalties you face, so I work tirelessly to ensure you get the strong legal representation you deserve.

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The Penalties for Felonious Assault in Michigan

If you’ve been accused of felonious assault, you are facing serious and life-changing penalties that can affect your freedom, future, and financial stability. Conviction comes with up to four years in state prison, along with a possible fine of up to $2,000. If you’ve been convicted of multiple felonies or you’re a “habitual offender,” you face even greater penalties. If a person commits felony assault in a “weapon free school zone,” the penalties will also increase. With heightened penalties, the maximum prison sentence is still 4 years, but the maximum fine is increased to $6,000, along with community service for up to 150 hours.

Assault does not require physical contact with the alleged victim to be charged; assault includes any action that causes a person to fear for their safety or life. With an aggressive felonious defense attorney in Farmington Hills on your side, you may be able to weaken the state's case against you. That could include proving that the alleged victim had no reason to fear for their life, providing evidence that you were acting out of fear for your own life, or filing a motion to keep prosecutors from using certain evidence against you.

Defense Against Felonious Assault in Oakland County & All of Michigan

It is vital to contact an experienced felonious assault lawyer as soon as possible after getting charged with felony assault. I represent clients throughout Farmington Hills who face serious felonious assault charges. For more than two decades, I have been defending clients by thoroughly investigating their cases and developing proven strategies. I know that felony assault charges can lead to serious penalties; that is why I work tirelessly to protect my clients’ rights and help them get the best possible results for their case. I care about every one of my clients, working on their defense strategy around the clock. If you face felonious assault charges, contact my firm today.

I am available 24/7! Contact Daniel D. Hajji, Attorney at Law today at (248) 599-0054 to discuss the different options available for your case.

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