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Kwame Kilpatrick Case Defending Your Rights, Empowering Your Future

The Kwame Kilpatrick Case

I am ready to provide aggressive defense for clients facing a variety of criminal charges, including those involving white collar crimes. Because of my experience representing former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, you can trust I have the necessary resources and skill to defend anyone facing serious criminal charges. Mr. Kilpatrick faced a hostile public opinion, but I crafted a custom defense which helped him answer some of his most difficult questions in court.

If you’re facing serious criminal charges in Oakland County or the surrounding areas, then call (248) 599-0054 today for a free consultation. I am ready to hear your case and begin strategizing a custom defense on your behalf.

About Kwame Kilpatrick

When he was elected in 2002, Kwame Kilpatrick was the youngest mayor in the history of Detroit. After numerous scandals and controversies, Mr. Kilpatrick eventually entered a guilty plea to two felonies charges. He served four months in jail, resigned as mayor, surrendered his license to practice law, and agreed to pay restitution to the city of Detroit as part of his plea agreement.

After his release, Mr. Kilpatrick experienced more legal problems when the state prosecutor accused him of violating his probation and failing to make restitution to the city. I was brought in as co-counsel to Mr. Kilpatrick during his probation hearings. After Mr. Kilpatrick was sent to jail for probation violations, I became the lead attorney for his affairs. Once Mr. Kilpatrick finished his prison sentence, he published a book about his experiences.

The state prosecutors and attorney general then attempted to divert the proceeds from the book. Even though we lost in the Circuit Court, I appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court, which only hears about one percent of all appeals. The Michigan Supreme Court remanded the case, and it eventually ended up back in the Circuit Court. It was a victory for Mr. Kilpatrick!

Kilpatrick was later the subject of a federal investigation in which he received a 28-year prison sentence. I did not represent him during this trial.

What I Learned from Representing Kwame Kilpatrick

During my two years representing Mr. Kilpatrick, I learned the value of dedication and hard work to obtaining justice. Even though he had a seasoned legal team before I represented him, I was able to successfully replace them as Mr. Kilpatrick’s lead attorney during some of the earliest days of my legal career. Mr. Kilpatrick, no matter how controversial his trial was, had rights. I was able to defend those rights, even if it took litigating all the way to the highest court in the state.

How Does My Experience with This Case Benefit My Clients?

Today, I use my experience from the Kwame Kilpatrick as evidence that hard work and tireless dedication results in the best possible outcome, no matter how difficult the situation for my clients. Representing the former mayor of Detroit was difficult; it took most of my time and required that I faced a hostile press each day outside the courtroom. This dedication to justice paid off for my client in the Michigan Supreme Court. I am proud that we were able to successfully fight for the preservation of Mr. Kilpatrick’s rights and obtained justice for him during this case.

My clients are consistently impressed that I worked on one of the highest-profile cases in the history of Michigan. I am dedicated to every person that I represent and am fortunate to have been able to demonstrate that in one of the highest courts in the nation. This case showed me that every attorney has a duty to give the fullest measure of their effort to every client, and that’s exactly what I’ve provided ever since.

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