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Violent Crimes Defending Your Rights, Empowering Your Future

Farmington Hills Violent Crime Attorney

Fighting Violent Crime Charges in Oakland County & Throughout Michigan Since 2002

If you have been arrested and charged with a violent crime, you may be feeling uncertain about what the future holds for you. Prosecutors want to remove violent individuals from the streets and can become overzealous and overreaching in the process.

The laws regarding violent crimes in Michigan are tough and their penalties are severe. If you’re facing violent crimes charges, then you need the help of an aggressive and dedicated defense attorney. You need me, Daniel D. Hajji, Attorney at Law.

As a Farmington Hills violent crimes lawyer, I’ve been defending clients in Oakland County since 2002. I know that their future depends on my work, so I dedicate all my resources to them and am available 24/7 to address their concerns.

These charges differ depending on the circumstances, but those facing any violent crime charge should understand the ramifications they’re facing. Violent crimes can mark a person for life, making them unable to find a job, housing, or other vital resources.

When I started my firm two decades ago, my goal was to provide the aggressive representation that clients need while providing the compassionate service that they deserve. Today, my aggressive, attentive approach is known statewide, as is my successful case history.

You need an experienced Oakland County violent crime defense attorney to protect your future. So, call for a free, confidential consultation at (248) 599-0054.

What Is a Violent Crime in Michigan?

There are a wide range of violent crimes in Michigan. Depending on the severity of the crime, they can carry anywhere from a few years to a lifetime in prison. However, charges for violent crimes are typically serious, as a conviction can result in a felony record for the accused.

Michigan violent crimes include the following:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Arson
  • Firearm violations
  • Murder
  • Domestic violence

One of the most common types of violent crimes is assault and battery. Assault occurs when a person threatens to harm another, while battery occurs when someone receives unwanted physical contact from another person who intends to hurt them.

Call a Farmington Hills Violent Crime Attorney Right Now at (248) 599-0054

As an experienced violent crime defense attorney, I know the challenges you are facing. I have more than two decades of experience with challenging the prosecution's evidence. I approach each case from every angle and find ways to protect the rights and freedom of my clients.

If there is eyewitness testimony, I will look for ways to challenge it. If the police claim they have strong evidence against you, I will not hesitate to search for the mistakes they might have made. A jury must have no reasonable doubt about the guilt of the accused in order come back with a guilty verdict. An aggressive criminal defense lawyer's job is to generate reasonable doubt.

I, Daniel D. Hajji, Attorney at Law, works closely with clients to develop a strong defense strategy that also meets their personal needs during such a difficult time. I’m committed to protecting a client's best interests, and I always fight relentlessly when a client's rights and future are at stake.

Call for a free consultation: (248) 599-0054. There is hope for your future, and I will fight for it.

Today, I serve clients throughout all of Michigan, including those in Farmington Hills, Bloomfield, Troy, Southfield, Rochester Hills, Pontiac, Royal Oak, Novi, and all surrounding areas.

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