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Methamphetamine Defending Your Rights, Empowering Your Future

Farmington Hills Methamphetamine Lawyer

Meth Defense Lawyer in Farmington Hills. Serving Oakland County & Throughout Michigan!

Because of the rising use of methamphetamines in the state and across the country, legislators and law enforcement agencies have initiated crackdowns on those who produce, distribute, sell, or traffic in this controlled substance. If you've been arrested or are under a criminal investigation for drug crimes involving methamphetamine, you may be facing serious repercussions. You could be subject to significant prison time and heavy fines. Such circumstances call for the knowledge and experience of a proven criminal defense attorney who practices in your local area. That’s why people in Oakland County call me: Daniel D. Hajji, Attorney at Law.

As a Farmington Hills methamphetamine lawyer, I’ve been protecting the rights of people facing serious drug charges since 2002. I aggressively represent my clients because they deserve a dedicated, results-oriented defense. As an attorney, I thoroughly investigate every claim so that I can create a unique and compelling defense for my clients. Call me today to find out how I can fight for you.

Call me now at (248) 599-0054 for a free consultation with an Oakland County methamphetamine attorney. I serve clients throughout Michigan, including those in Farmington Hills, Bloomfield, Troy, Southfield, Rochester Hills, Pontiac, Royal Oak, Novi, and all surrounding areas.

Penalties of Methamphetamine Drug Charges in Michigan

Under Michigan law, methamphetamine is a Schedule II drug due to its high potential for abuse. Anyone found manufacturing, selling, or distributing methamphetamine faces the prospect of a heavy prison term and fines. You may face separate charges for the delivery or sale of meth as well as operating a controlled substance lab, operating a controlled substance lab in the presence of a minor, or committing meth offenses near schools or parks.

Penalties for manufacturing methamphetamine include:

  • Up to 20 years in prison
  • Fines up to $25,000

These penalties may be increased if additional charges also result in a conviction.

Possession, distribution, sales, and manufacture of meth are also federal crimes. How you are punished on a federal level is determined by the amount of drugs involved and the nature of the charges leveled against you. Whether you are facing state or federal charges, you will be facing tough and persistent prosecutors hoping to subject you to the harshest sentences possible. That is why you will need an equally tough Farmington Hills methamphetamine defense attorney in your corner.

Protect Your Future With a Michigan Methamphetamine Defense Attorney

If you are facing drug charges of any kind, your future is at risk. Overzealous prosecutors, strict drug laws, and a complicated legal system create a unique set of challenges for the accused. Importantly, time is of the essence once you are charged with a meth crime. By contacting an attorney as soon as possible, you provide us with more time to investigate your charges and build a defense.

I’m a results-oriented attorney who has been winning results for clients since 2002. After more than two decades of legal practice, I know that two things matter: dedication and experience. When I take a case, I commit all my resources to it because I know that my client’s future depends on it. My years of experience and my extensive resources makes me the reliable choice for defense against methamphetamine charges in Oakland County. My firm offers representation with flat fees and payment plans, so speak with us today to get the results-oriented, cost-effective defense you need.

Call me today for a completely free and confidential review of your situation. I am a Farmington Hills methamphetamine defense attorney who is ready to hear your story - (248) 599-0054

I serve clients throughout Michigan, including those in Farmington Hills, Bloomfield, Troy, Southfield, Rochester Hills, Pontiac, Royal Oak, Novi, and all surrounding areas.

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