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Field Sobriety Tests Defending Your Rights, Empowering Your Future

Field Sobriety Tests in Michigan

Defending Clients Who Failed Field Sobriety Tests in Farmington Hills & Beyond

When a police officer pulls over a driver on suspicion of a DUI/OWI, they will ask the driver to take field sobriety tests to gauge whether the driver is too intoxicated to drive. Only three types of field sobriety tests are approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration because of their scientific correlation to DUI impairment. Police officers must perform these tests accurately or it may result in the wrongful arrest of an unimpaired driver. If you were charged with a DUI for failing a sobriety test in Farmington Hills, you need to contact an experienced DUI defense attorney as soon as possible.

I, Attorney Daniel Hajji, help clients throughout Farmington Hills fight their DUI charges. I know the errors that commonly occur during field sobriety tests in Michigan. In many cases, officers fail to follow correct protocol and mistakenly arrest innocent people for DUI. Having handled countless DUI cases in over two decades, I know what mistakes police officers often make and how to highlight those mistakes to question the accuracy of your field sobriety test results.

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What Are the Types of Field Sobriety Tests in Michigan?

Field sobriety test results are scientifically questionable, and if the officer is improperly trained or following incorrect procedure, tests will be poorly administered. If you failed a field sobriety test, it is vital to speak to an experienced attorney who can question the test results and weaken the state’s case against you.

The three different types of field sobriety tests approved by NHTSA include:

  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test: During this test, the officer instructs the driver to follow an object with their eyes as it moves left and right. As the officer performs the test, they are supposed to notice the angle at which the pupil starts involuntarily jerking. If the eye begins to jerk before a 45-degree angle, then the officer will suspect that the driver is intoxicated. This test has an accuracy rate of only 77%.
  • Walk and Turn Test: During this test the officer instructs the driver to take nine heel-to-toe steps in a line, turn around, and take nine steps back. During this test, the officer will check if the suspect can keep his/her balance and if they take the right number of steps. This test has an accuracy rate of only 68%.
  • One Leg Stand Test: During this test, the officer will instruct the driver to raise their foot, hold that position, and count for 30 seconds as they look down at their foot. The officer will watch to see if the suspect sways, puts down their foot, or uses their arms to balance. This test has an accuracy rate of only 65%.

Defense for Failed Field Sobriety Tests in Oakland County & All of Michigan

Since 2002, I’ve helped countless people fight their DUI charges, which is why I know that a failed sobriety test has real consequences, even if the tests themselves aren’t all that accurate. DUI convictions come with life-altering ramifications, so I’ve dedicated myself to ensuring my clients get the high-quality defense they need.

Although field sobriety tests are common in DUI cases, a failed test does not necessarily mean you will be convicted. There are numerous defenses I utilize in these situations, and if you choose to work with me, you can rest assured knowing that I will pursue every available option to protect your rights.

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