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DUI or OWI arrests do more than risk your freedom. They risk your ability to make a living, provide for your family, or build your future. Arrests can take away your driver license, subject you to serious fines, and even send you to jail. Avoiding these consequences isn't about being 'innocent' or 'guilty'; it's about finding the right attorney to defend you.

As a Bloomfield DUI / OWI attorney, I have the experience and resources to fight your charges, make sure you keep your license and protect your future from the unfair consequences of a DUI / OWI charge. My firm has been defending the accused in Michigan since 2002. In each and every case, I provide my clients with personal, one-on-one counsel. No matter what time my clients need me, I'm always available to give them a fair shot at justice.

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What's the Difference Between OWI & DUI?

Strictly speaking, they're the same. OWI charges, or a charge of "operating while intoxicated," is the proper name for a DUI charge in Michigan. The term was changed nearly 20 years ago to make it tougher for people to defend themselves from accusations of drunk driving.

In 1999, as long as you were under .07% BAC, you were presumed to be sober. Today, the law makes it that as long as an officer believes you are impaired, you can be charged with OWI. Regardless of how much you drink, an officer has the power to arrest you for OWI.

You don't need to be in a moving vehicle, either. OWI is specifically phrased so that people who are parked stopped at intersections, or even sleeping in their vehicles while drunk is vulnerable to an OWI charge. You can see why it's vital to have an attorney in your corner; the state has made it tougher than ever to protect your rights.

Penalties for OWI in Bloomfield, MI

OWI conviction comes with jail time. You could spend up to 93 days in jail for a first offense, or 180 days if your BAC was .17% or higher. Subsequent offenses could leave you in jail for one to five years. However, that's the least of your worries. If you're found guilty of OWI in a first offense, the court has the authority to seize your vehicle. In subsequent offenses, the court is required to take your vehicle. In either case, you could lose your vehicle for 90 days to 3 years.

Fines for OWI are between $100 and $500 for a first offense, $200 to $1,000 for a second offense, and $500 to $5,000 for a third offense. If your BAC was .17% or higher, you're facing $200 to $700 fines for your first offense. If you were driving someone who was 16 years or younger when you were arrested, you'd face enhanced penalties. On top of all that, your license will be suspended if you're arrested. You will only be allowed to apply for a restricted license after 30 days. Most people cannot afford to lose their license for a month.

Why Me as Your Bloomfield DUI Lawyer?

For all their authority, police in our state is restricted by strict evidence laws. For instance, if your breath test was improperly administered, the court cannot use your breath test results against you. Same for your chemical test results. As a Bloomfield criminal defense lawyer, I know how to navigate the courts and DMV system to get you the best possible outcome.

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I've been protecting my clients since 2002. Fighting for my clients is what I live for and what my firm was created for. When your life is on the line, I make it my mission to fight for reduced charges, case dismissal, or total acquittal of all charges. You can trust that I'll be with you every step of the way, helping you face the police, prosecutor, and judge with confidence.

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  • Daniel D. Hajji Daniel D. Hajji
    Since 2002, I've been protecting the rights of those facing criminal charges in Farmington Hills and surrounding areas. Every person deserves to have their rights protected and their freedom defended, no matter how serious their charges are. I treat every case with the same urgency and provide the time and resources clients need for a chance at success. When you call me, you'll receive help from an attorney who will not hesitate to try every option available while fighting for your future. I've done this for nearly the last two decades, and I will continue to do it for all clients.
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