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Domestic Violence Defending Your Rights, Empowering Your Future

Bloomfield Domestic Violence Attorney

Experienced Domestic Violence Defense in MI

Domestic violence charges can leave you expelled from your own home, unable to see your kids without a shred of proof. Because the state protects accusers, defendants get kicked out of their own home without any say in the matter. You'll have your day in court, but in the meantime, how do you protect yourself from accusations of domestic violence?

The best thing you can do is call me, Daniel D. Hajji, Attorney at Law, a Bloomfield domestic violence defense lawyer. My firm has the resources, experience, and track record of making sure none of your charges stick, allowing you to go home where you belong while protecting your future. I've protected countless clients from serious charges in my 17 years of practice.

Because I make it a point to meet personally with every one of my firm's clients, I'm able to create a custom strategy for their case. This means more attention, more focus, and better results. 

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What Do They Need to Prove?

The state needs to prove two things: one, that the alleged victim was an intimate partner, a former intimate partner, or a co-parent. However, even a roommate can accuse you of domestic violence, regardless of gender or relationship. Two, the state needs to prove that you committed the actual assault or battery.

Under Michigan law, assault encompasses a wide variety of actions.

  • In general, any intentional action that causes a person to fear for their safety is assault. Threatening to hurt or kill someone would fall under assault, even if no harm occurred.
  • Battery would be the physical component; any intentional force or offensive non-consensual touching, regardless of injury, is considered battery.

My Accuser Doesn't Want to Press Charges Anymore. Will the Case Get Dropped?

Unfortunately, once you've been arrested for domestic violence, nothing short of dismissal by the judge will stop the case from going forward. Once someone gets the police involved, the case is under the state's authority; in other words, it doesn't matter what your accuser says. If the prosecutor sees enough evidence to convict, they will charge you.

Domestic violence penalties in Michigan include:

  • First offense: Up to 93 days in jail and a fine of up to $500
  • Second offense: Up to a year in jail and a fine up to $1,000
  • Third offense: Up to five years in state prison and a fine up to $5,000

If your actions can be construed to look like an attempt at serious injury, you could be facing aggravated domestic violence charges. The penalties will more than double for first and second offenses. Hiring an attorney could prevent the prosecutor from inflating your charges.

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Whatever situation you're facing, you need a Bloomfield defense lawyer as soon as possible. My firm is more than prepared to hear your story and prepare your defense. My experience and reputation for results had made me a highly effective defender for countless people.

My work has been featured by news outlets like:

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Getting an attorney like me in your corner could prevent you from going to jail, paying serious fines, or losing your rights; if you're not a citizen, getting a lawyer could prevent you from being deported. The deck is stacked against you, but I've helped clients in tough situations before. First, I'll meet with you personally to work on your defense; by providing you with one-on-one attention, we'll increase your odds of getting your case dismissed, your charges reduced, or complete acquittal. Second, I'll guide you through every step of the process, giving you the counsel you need to convince the court of your innocence.

To get started, call (248) 599-0054 today. In a free consultation, I can help you learn your options and start building your defense.

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  • TIME Magazine
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