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Many people assume that if they are innocent, they won't need a lawyer. They have faith that being innocent is enough to get them out of trouble, so they don't worry about ensuring they're represented by a heavyweight Detroit defense attorney. This, unfortunately, is rarely the case. Even those innocent of the crimes they have been charged with are at risk for severe repercussions. There have been too many cases of innocent defendants taking a plea deal out of fear to believe that 'innocence' is enough.

Scared defendants simply do not take into account that conviction can still occur as a result of police error, false evidence, or wrong assumptions. That's why getting an attorney is so vital: aggressive advocates like me, Daniel D. Hajji, Attorney at Law, have the experience to recognize when the prosecution's case against you is weak. I know what it takes to get a case dismissed or win acquittal at trial. That's why I've been successfully defending my clients throughout Wayne County since 2002.

Why Hire My Detroit Criminal Defense Law Firm?

You need to be confident that you are getting the comprehensive legal guidance you require, no matter if you are facing drug charges, charges of a violent crime, or a weapons charge. I understand this need for strong support. If you choose to hire me, you can breathe easier knowing that your future is being cared for by someone who has successfully handled countless criminal cases before.

My case record includes successful defense of countless cases, including:

What sets me apart is my commitment to personal attention and strong client relationships. I handle every criminal defense case from end to end, ensuring a thorough strategy for every step in the trial process. By handling your case personally, I'm also better aligned with your goals and needs, allowing me to fight for the exact result you need. Importantly, each of my clients gets my direct phone number, and I don't screen calls. If you're my client, you get complete access to me and my counsel.

If you ever have a question or you want an update, I'll always be available to keep you informed and address your fears. This is a tough time for you, but I can promise you this: I'll never be more than a phone call away. If you're concerned about the cost of a criminal defense attorney, consider this: as a lean firm, I have small costs, so I don't charge my client's exorbitant fees. By charging flat rates and keeping my operation cost-effective, my clients get world-class defense at a fraction of the cost of larger firms. This approach makes a good defense possible for virtually anyone who needs it.

Protect yourself! Do not hesitate to contact a criminal defense attorney in Detroit to receive your free case consultation. Call (248) 599-0054 today.

Meet Daniel D. Hajji

Passionate advocacy
  • Daniel D. Hajji
  • Daniel D. Hajji Daniel D. Hajji
    Since 2002, I've been protecting the rights of those facing criminal charges in Farmington Hills and surrounding areas. Every person deserves to have their rights protected and their freedom defended, no matter how serious their charges are. I treat every case with the same urgency and provide the time and resources clients need for a chance at success. When you call me, you'll receive help from an attorney who will not hesitate to try every option available while fighting for your future. I've done this for nearly the last two decades, and I will continue to do it for all clients.
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Thousands of cases handled

REcent Case REsults
  • Felonies Dismissed Felony Firearm & Felony Discharge of Weapon
  • Reduced to Reckless Driving OWI
  • Reduced to OWVI First Offense with No Jail OWI Second Offense
  • Both Cases Dismissed Probation Violation & Assault Battery Felony Charge