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Armed robbery charges in Michigan are among the most serious charges anyone could face. Conviction could result in a life sentence, with some cases coming with mandatory minimums of two years or longer. Given how serious these charges are, how likely is it that charges could be dropped by the prosecutor or dismissed by the court before trial begins?

To answer the question in this blog’s title, yes, it is possible for armed robbery charges to be dropped. However, that is only possible under the right circumstances. This blog discusses when armed robbery charges can be dismissed and how.

If You Prove the Arrest Was Unlawful

Police officers are required by law to have probable cause for an arrest before taking a person into custody. If an arrest is unlawful, any evidence gathered or charges arising from that arrest will be dropped. Now, officers are capable of claiming probable cause with broad discretion, but there are rare cases where officers clearly have no probable cause.

If You Can Prove the Crime Could Not Have Possibly Been You

Evidence that pokes a hole in the prosecution’s case is typically saved for trial, and prosecutors won’t drop cases just because a defendant has some evidence that supports their innocence. However, if there is incontrovertible evidence that you were somewhere else while the crime was taking place, the prosecution (or the court) may dismiss the case outright.

The evidence for innocence in this case must be compelling for the prosecutor to drop charges. It simply cannot be an alibi. For instance, if you were accused of armed robbery, proof that you were undergoing surgery when the robbery took place would be what it’d take to get those charges dropped.

If Your Lawyer Can Convince the Prosecutor Their Case Is Too Weak for Trial

This is where the skill of your defense attorney is vital. A defense lawyer with sufficient skill might be able to convince or compel the prosecutor to drop the case because they have a weak case. Obviously, situations like this are rare, but the right attorney at the right time might be able to get armed robbery charges dismissed, saving the defendant time, money, and stress.

If you’re facing armed robbery charges, speak with me, Attorney Daniel Hajji, as soon as possible. My firm provides aggressive and strategic defense for clients facing high-stakes charges, allowing them to avoid jail time or get cases dropped before trial. When you’re facing the full power of the District Attorney’s office, you’ll need an Oakland County robbery defense attorney in your corner.

Call me today at (248) 599-0054 for a free consultation. Let’s talk about your options as soon as possible.

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