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Probation is a legal remedy that allows people to serve out their jail sentences while at home, often under strict supervision. Courts use probation to ensure jails have room for people who have committed dangerous crimes, allowing low-level offenders to remain at home. However, keep in mind that probation is not a right. The court can rescind probation at any moment, which means it’s vital for you to abide by your probation agreement as strictly as humanly possible.

Violating your probation in Michigan could result in:

  • Probation extended with additional restrictions
  • Three months in jail, after which probation continues
  • Revocation of your probation agreement
  • Re-sentencing of the offense you were on probation for

The court has broad discretion regarding what they can do to you, from giving you a verbal warning to changing your sentence. If you want to avoid an even longer jail sentence, you’ll want to hire a Farmington Hills probation violation attorney to defend you against allegations that you violated probation. 

What Am I Allowed to Do During Probation?

The terms of probation are extremely restrictive, so it can be difficult to obey the rules at all times. People on probation are expected to report frequently to their probation officer, submit to random searches, and avoid contact with certain people.

Most probation agreements include terms like:

  • No firearm possession
  • Attend school or be employed
  • No contact with known felons
  • Drug and alcohol tests (scheduled and random)
  • Break no laws
  • Pay court costs and fines
  • Submit to random searches

As you can see, these can be difficult terms to abide by for months at a time. Any police contact, even as a result of a traffic stop, could put your probation agreement in jeopardy. It might be helpful to remember that probation is still a kind of jail sentence; it just allows you to use your home as the jail. 

I, Daniel D. Hajji, Attorney at Law, have been defending the criminally accused throughout Michigan since 2002. I’ve helped countless people avoid harsh sentences, jail time, and other penalties. As a small firm, I can devote my full resources and attention to each case, ensuring that you get the representation you need. If you’ve been accused of violation probation, speak with me as soon as possible.

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