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Facing a charge for driving while intoxicated can be a scary thing. You may have been wrongfully accused because of an error with the breathalyzer test or an unlawful stop, yet you face serious consequences if you are found guilty.

While you have to worry about the criminal charges you face and how that can impact certain abilities you may have, there is also a social stigma associated with a DUI/DWI charge to overcome. Here are some of the problems you may encounter after being charged with driving while intoxicated.

Impact On Job Status

A drunk driving charge can be instrumental to your ability to gain employment or to keep a job, especially if you are in a specific field where driving is imperative to your duties. The DUI charge can be looked as you being irresponsible and you may be terminated.

If you’re a driver for a company, the DUI may result in the loss of your job as you may receive points on your driving record. Not only that, but you may be unable to get a job in the same field and your insurance rates will most likely increase.

Relationship Statuses

It’s easy for you to face judgment from individuals after being arrested for a DUI; even from those who you consider to be close friends. The DUI can be looked down upon and change how others perceive you, as many of those arrested for DUIs are looked at as alcoholics.

While an arrest for a DUI may not even get out, a conviction becomes public record. This makes it imperative to have your rights defended by a professional who can explain the rights and options available to you.

With Daniel D. Hajji, Attorney at Law on your side, you can feel confident in the matters that lie ahead. I am dedicated to helping fight against the charges when you have been wrongfully accused of driving while intoxicated in an effort to protect your public status.

You deserve to have a Farmington Hills DUI defense attorney who is looking out for your best interests. Trust that I’ll be the one who is providing the care and attention you need during this difficult time, working to have your charges dropped or reduced entirely.

Call me at (248) 599-0054 today for the defense you need.

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