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man in handcuffs behind bars

Imagine encountering a situation where your rights, freedom, and future are at significant risk. Unfortunately, countless innocent individuals run into this on a daily basis when they face false accusations or criminal charges for crimes they didn’t commit.

The idea behind facing jail or prison time, paying large fines, and dealing with the long-term effects that stem from an arrest and conviction can be absolutely daunting. For those in this difficult situation, it becomes crucial that they recognize their rights and understand how to move forward with defending those rights.

Whenever you face serious criminal charges, one of the most crucial things you can do is hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you in the complex matters that follow. You should know how a criminal defense attorney can help you when facing serious prosecution and penalties.

Understanding the Potential Problems You May Encounter

While you may feel as though there are things you can handle when it comes to your defense, or you want to try and get through this without spending money on a lawyer, there are potential problems that you may encounter but are unaware of how to handle.

For instance, what would you do if the prosecution tried to bring new evidence into a case against you—something that you didn’t know about? Would you know how to counter the argument and best position your defense to clear your name?

There are a lot of factors that come into play when defending your rights, including:

  • Understanding the evidence brought forth against you
  • Recognizing how it can be contested
  • Presenting an argument against the evidence
  • Using additional evidence on your own behalf

Knowing How Certain Courts and Judges Handle Cases

One of the biggest things that can be considered with regard to criminal defense cases is the court. There are plenty of courts and judges throughout Farmington Hills, Oakland County, and Michigan, and many of them have a specific take on how cases should be handled and how they look at various charges.

Some judges are harsher than others when it comes to various crimes and are more likely to err on the side of the law. Others can be more compassionate with how they look at cases and may be more reasonable when it comes to the various types of defenses used by your legal team.

When you have a lawyer who understands how certain courts and judges look at the crime you committed, it can help with your demeanor and your expectations moving forward. Keep in mind, there is also the jury to be aware of, but they are constantly switched out from case to case, so there’s no determining how they look at a case. However, judges control certain aspects as well, and their outlook can alter the outcome.

Understanding the Defenses Available to You

So many people face criminal charges and are completely unaware that there may be a defense to their accusations. They either accept the charge or think they can get through matters on their own—without knowing what comes next throughout the process.

Having a firm understanding of what defenses can be used for specific crimes can give you peace of mind. For instance, if you’ve been charged with a DUI, you want to know that your lawyer knows how to challenge the field sobriety tests, challenge the breathalyzer, prove that there was no probable cause to stop you, and that you were unlawfully arrested.

Proving that your rights were violated is not something that is easily done. One thing many people are not fully educated on is the Miranda rights that officers typically read them during an arrest. While the Miranda rights state that anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law, any information you willfully give the officer can also come into play. Knowing how to defend yourself from the tactics of officers and prosecutors requires experience and in-depth knowledge of the situation.

Nearly Two Decades of Representing the Innocent

Did you know that the United States leads the entire world in incarcerations? More than 2.2 million people sit in jails and prisons. While many of these have committed crimes and are doing their time, there are others who have been wrongfully accused, faced strict laws and unfair policies, and dealt with prosecutors who are quick to throw out a request for prison sentence.

As a committed and dedicated Farmington Hills criminal defense lawyer, it’s my job to help those who have been wrongfully arrested or accused. We recognize just how often charges end up being false and what those affected can do to defend their rights in a court of law.

I’m Daniel D. Hajji, Attorney at Law. I’ve spent my career working for those who have had their lives turned upside down as a result of serious criminal charges. It’s my top priority to defend the rights and freedoms of my clients, and I’m not afraid to go the extra mile to obtain the most favorable outcome on my clients’ behalves.

You matter. Your rights matter. Your freedom and future matters. Let me help you defend them.

Call my office at (248) 599-0054 today and speak directly with me about your criminal charges. We’ll discuss the factors involved and determine what options you have to defend yourself, your rights, and your future.

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