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Clinton Criminal Defense Attorney

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If you or a loved one have recently been charged with a crime, you face detrimental ramifications and penalties. Consequences of criminal convictions are no laughing matter because they can alter your future. Unfortunately, it isn’t always about whether discovering your innocence. If courts and juries believe that the accused is guilty, they will fight against them and make every move possible to ensure that they receive the harshest penalties. It is in the defendant’s best interest to get an experienced attorney on their side to fight for their rights and disprove prosecutors.

If you are facing criminal charges such as DUI/OWI, it is imperative to secure the assistance of a knowledgeable Clinton criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. In Michigan, a successful conviction of an OWI carries with it severe ramifications. These can range from time spent in jail, monetary fines, community service, or vehicle immobilization. You cannot leave your future up to change when you are facing accusations of crimes such as these—don’t waste any time in getting the required assistance from an attorney that you can trust.

Call a Renowned Criminal Defense Lawyer in Clinton for a Free Consultation!

I, Attorney Daniel Hajji, have seen firsthand the consequences that a successful conviction can have on the lives of those accused. With creative representation, aggressive preparation, and thorough research, I can assist our clients on their way to their optimum outcome. If you choose to secure my legal guidance, you can rest assured knowing that you are being looked after by someone with your best interests in mind.

I handle a wide variety of criminal defense cases, including:

  • Drug Crimes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Retail Fraud
  • White Collar Crimes
  • And More

With the United States leading with over 2.2 million people incarcerated in jails and prisons, I work tirelessly to prevent my clients from becoming another percentage point in a statistic. With nearly 20 years of experience, I have been able to help clients overcome one of the toughest moments of their life. I thoroughly investigate your case, develop a strong defense, and help you obtain the best possible results. Don’t hesitate to contact me as soon as possible to discuss the different options available for your case. My firm also proudly serves clients in Bloomfield, Troy, Southfield, Rochester Hills, Pontiac, Royal Oak, and Novi.

The help you need from a Clinton criminal defense attorney is only a phone call away. Contact Daniel D. Hajji, Attorney at Law today for a free consultation at (248) 599-0054!

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