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What Is the Difference Between DUI & OWI in Michigan?

When people face charges for drunk driving in Michigan, we always hear the terms “DUI” and “OWI.” But is there a difference in meaning between these two charges? DUI stands for “driving under the influence,” and OWI stands for “operating while intoxicated.” The law uses these terms to identify motorists who drive while using drugs or alcohol. In Michigan, the proper legal acronym is OWI; however, DUI is commonly used all across the country.

The Change of OWI Acronym in Michigan

When the police arrest drivers for drinking and driving, their ticket will indicate that they received an OWI. The state of Michigan doesn’t use the acronym “DUI” because prosecutors and police officers believe that the term is too broad. Because “DUI” specifies that a person is “driving,” people interpret it as being in physical control of a moving vehicle. This term was changed to “OWI” because you can operate a motor vehicle even if you’re not driving. The word “operating” primarily refers to the fact that a suspect can control the vehicle (even if they're not moving), which means a person can even get an OWI if they are in a parked car.

Before the change, people could get their cases dismissed because they argued that they were in a parked car, asleep, stopped in an intersection, or not moving. This defense is no longer feasible because the term "operation" is more precise.

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