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Oakland County Criminal Defense Attorney Daniel D. Hajji

Facing criminal charges in Farmington Hills or in Michigan?

There is often nothing more harrowing or emotionally distressful than the time immediately following a criminal charge. In Michigan, criminal accusations are not taken lightly. If you are facing prosecution, you should know that they will enter into your case with the predisposition that you are guilty. They will see you as nothing but another statistic, and will work tirelessly to bring you to the harshest verdict that they can. Depending on the crime you have been charged with, you could be left with extended imprisonment, steep monetary fines, paying restitution to the victim or the family of the victim, mandatory enrollment in a drug or alcohol class, driver's license suspension, or other harsh penalties.

To help ensure that you are given the defense that you require, do not hesitate to contact a Farmington Hills criminal defense attorney, Daniel Hajji, as quickly as you can. By evaluating your case, performing meticulous preparation, and exhaustively fighting to protect your future, the right criminal defense attorney will stop at nothing to assist you towards a positive end result.

What To Do Following Your Arrest

When arrested and accused of a criminal offense, the action you take immediately after your arrest can greatly affect the outcome of the trial. If you engage in answering questions from investigators or law enforcement without a criminal defense attorney, you are taking great risks with your case. The first action after an arrest, whether for a DUI or an even more serious criminal offense, should be to contact a proven criminal defense attorney that will protect your rights from the beginning of the case. Attorney Daniel Hajji is determined to aggressively defend each client, no matter how serious the offense.

Providing a Reliable Defense, No Matter What the Charge

If you have been arrested for a crime you did not commit or know you have made a mistake, your first step should be to contact our legal team. If you were pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence or arrested for domestic violence, possession of marijuana, delivery manufacturing controlled substance, retail fraud, CSC, or any misdemeanor or felony crime, you could be facing time in jail, fines, and a suspended driver's license. We have experience in defending those who have been arrested for a variety of different offenses. There is nothing too complex for Attorney Daniel Hajji to take on. With over a decade of experience handling numerous different misdemeanor and felony cases, I can handle cases involving, but not limited to, the following:

When addressing serious criminal accusations, it has been proven in endless cases that who you select to represent you has much to do with the outcome of your case. Not all attorneys have the trial experience and talent needed to present a case in a compelling manner to a jury. When they lack the talent, you can end up suffering the consequences. My approach is very aggressive, no matter what criminal charge is involved.

What are the penalties you could face?

One reason we take such an aggressive approach is because we understand the harsh penalties which can result from a criminal conviction. The specific penalties you could be left facing vary based on the type of offense. According to the Michigan Penal Code, the consequences could involve anywhere from thousands of dollars in fines to a lifetime in prison, depending on the specific circumstances of the case. No matter whether you are facing allegations for a DUI or you have been charged with a sex crime, be sure to retain the best possible criminal defense representative you can find in Oakland County or Macomb County. It is better to be overly prepared with the right advocate, than to put your future in the hands of someone who does not truly care about you.

Over a Decade as an Aggressive Oakland County Criminal Lawyer

When determining how to move forward in a criminal defense case, the first step is to fully and painstakingly evaluate every piece of evidence that is surrounding the case. In many instances serious flaws in the case can be discovered through this process. When overzealous law enforcement officers are determined to arrest an individual for a crime, they may shortcut the legal procedures, especially in cases of probable cause or in legal restrictions involving search and seizure. In some cases they may have failed to follow up on other strong leads that would have exonerated you. I can take on this investigation process for you, looking for any areas that mistakes may have been made and searching for the appropriate proof that I need to help you or your loved one.

As a firm geared towards creating the best possible case defenses for our clients, you can trust that I will do everything I can to protect your rights and seek justice on your behalf. My actions will be geared towards the seeking a better outcome for you, whether that is through a dismissed charge, reduced charge or a "not guilty" verdict. While you may have been charged, this does not mean you will be convicted. The action you take now has much to do with the outcome of your case. With reasonable rates, be sure to speak with me if finances are an issue. You do not want that to be your deciding factor. Call our office today at (248) 289-3951 to schedule your initial consultation.

We serve residents of Birmingham, Bloomfield, Clinton, Dearborn, Detroit, Farmington Hills, Livonia, Novi, Rochester, Royal Oak, Southfield, Sterling Heights, Troy, Warren, Oakland County, Waterford, Wayne County, and Macomb County, as well as the surrounding areas.